Selected samples of TV shows & interviews

I had a few more videos of my sis, including a TV cook show I couldn't find. I'll post more later when I run into them.

Merry Christmas, Afrah!
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Note: The following videos were recorded by friends using their camera or a phone, while, unexpectedly, they found these videos "movies, interviews, and documentaries" being played on TV, hence the quality of the recording being taken from a TV screen. I'll see if Afrah could get a good copy from these TV stations.
The first video is a short kids movie called "goosebumps" or "The mummy"... not sure; played on the Canadian TV  station YTV.  The second, 20 minutes later, is an episode of Mart & Avrum show, called "the moveable Feast." Afrah appeared as a guest just as the recording ended. It concluded with video 2. 
Video-2, below, presents an episode of Mart & Avrum TV show, called "the moveable Feast." At about the minute-18 point, another segment will present an interview by OMNI TV station, an episode of Studio C show. Most of the long interview is on the next video.
Part -2, and most of the OMNI TV station episode of Studio C show. A full episode-long interview. 

The conclusion of the OMNI TV station episode of Studio C show.