Events & Figures II
 Afrah Gouda
Here are some of Afrah's comments on selected shots:
Above, with my very dear friend, Ernie Coombs - the legendary "Mr. Dress-up" - one of many great celebrities in whom I found a great friend and a great gentleman.
Above to the left, with the two famous giants of the X-men movie: Troy and Taylor .. "Saber Tooth"!

Note that with my over 6' height in high heels, I still looked like a midget next to them!  Mind you, they are the nicest giants you could ever meet.

We became good friends and I truly enjoy their party invitations. 
I was also invited to go sailing with them which I enjoyed very much.

We were invited to several parties with friends. And we were also guests on James Bee's radio show, CFRB.
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