height:    5'  10''
Dress:     8
Bust:       34b
Waist:     26
Hips:       38
Shoes:   10
Hair:       Dk Brn
Eyes:      Brown
Please note that some of the presented photos are entered solely as samples of previous achievments and experience; and the information reflected by some of these shots - e.g.  agency's name, may not reflect Afrah's present agent.

For inquiries regarding Afrah's present agent or other information, please see the contact info page via the link on the left column, or via the contact us form below; or email Afrah directly at:  afrah@afrahgouda.com
This site afrahgouda.ca was created 2001, in British Columbia, Canada, by Afrah's brother.  It was designed as a casual collage of collected photos, videos, and clippings to form a chapter of my family album, featuring my sister Afrah.                                                                                                                             
For Afrah's own and official site, please go to:  www.afrahgouda.com 

Afrah Gouda
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